Thursday, June 5, 2014

5 years Old

Going to school 5 years old January thirty first
Going to School

Now I am 5 years old,

started to go school(Kindergarten) to indo government aided.
In this age i was about to listen many stories mostly mythological stories about Greek Mythology, Hindu Mythology, Egyptian mythology .... all these stories tells to me by mother and father after they came to home after work done..

Those stories are very interesting, when i used to believe them 100% and i was treating myself into them as a character..... but i do not know what i am thinking that time, when i remember now it was so kiddish i feels.

But all those myth stories happened once upon time... before i was born..... But in all those stories moral is finally justice/truth only wins.... so be fight for justice, stands on "Dharma" and live happily with truthness, honest and leave all sins to god he will take care!!

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