Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Rented House

January 31st Rented House
Rented House

Before the baby boy growing up in Indonesia, his family was very poor condition in the days 1970's.
His father was working in crops and earning daily 200 Rupia.
And his mother was adjusting and running the home with that small bucks only..
And his family staying in rented in house and paying monthly for 3600 Rupia.

And in rainy seasons or in any other seasons no work ...
Without property and running family is very difficult but the baby boy does know anything about financial stuff, and not even know how his mother struggled when he is inside of her..
some fact that "the woman does not have 5 rupia to go to hospital by rickshaw and she went to hospital by walk herself and keep relaxing in foot path for every 5 mins then continue in the same way about 5 kms".
Another fact that " the woman and his husband not able to pay the doctor fee to deliver the baby and the great doctor delivered the baby without taking the money from them"

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