Wednesday, June 11, 2014

School holidays in Brisbane Australia

After school days over, its time to go on vacation, My aunty was invited to Brisbane,Australia(27°28′4.5″S 153°01′40″E)  for a party to celebrate their wedding anniversary
School holidays in Brisbane australia january thirty first

Thats funny day uncle's wedding anniversary 5th time they are marrying .... lot of funny activities, meeting new friends in brisbane.. uncles enjoying with dance & wine...
we used play till midnight and continue to next day as like that..
weather is too hot during that time and offcourse we didnt care that because kids playing is never care about weather....

when rain comes all me and my cousins are running outside and play together in rain ... next day sneezing, suffering from fever, cold, etc and bonus is cold warning from parents ... he heehheh its a funny by thinking now about those days!!!!

these vacation was planned to 30 days, but its too short we feels (me and cousins) and last day we will celebrate with sad faces why because school, homework, crafts, classes, exams .. we hates them all... 

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