Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Schooling and Innosense

In the school, i am very cutest and innocent boy ....
every one talking to me and join with me even school masters...
that time i dont know gender diference ... either girl or boy i am getting close with them by dancing, fighting, XOXOXO 

In school am very intelligent and no compromise on teasing other girls and boys ...

I am feeling very interest and enthusiasm about if any one telling me the stories about myths and socio fantasy and offcourse i heard many stories... one boy crazy stupid told me that he came to my house at 12:00 PM on the horse and he knocked the door that he claimed..
But but .. i believed too and next another story had begun...
that class is a strength of 50 children(20 girls, 30 boys) 
every week we have to do experiment work which can be presented at the auditorium and every one can be viewed and then voted as well... that experiment can be either science project or engineering project.

And many people will do drawings, buildings, factories, machinery, etc with paper work like below:

January Thirty first Schooling and innosense Paper craft

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