Thursday, June 12, 2014

Highschool Pelita Harapan School

Plita Harapan school january thirty first

Return back from schools, after vacations to schools, Plita Harapan School started with higher education 

started with boring home work.. 
and one more sweet thing is sharing the other friends vacations and games, plays, gossips..... mostly gossips are here as 100% crap things....

And i most find a person who always active and pulling others and wants to listen others his crap stories such like fantacy, myths, untruth, etc....

And one of the story i heard as it begin here:
"a boy meets a girl while tapping the water in bore in an villiage to carry to home, then he has cousin who always chills together and playing funs then love each other( in fortune marry together- offcourse if god can tied up them) ...

Always this boy and girl playing together then go alone to anywhere and fun.
when leaving vacations some gifts he will receives...... which can be memorable to next vacations....

in kids these memorable moments, feelings, expressions, love are exists and very innocent and no negative benchmarks.... she gifts always some thing which he hides from parent and check when he alone.... thats very memorable ... keep always remember!!! :-)kee

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